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"Blueprint for Disaster!"

Public Opinion Letters

Domenigoni MSHCP Letter.

Building Industry Association of Southern California, Inc. - Riverside County Chapter MSHCP Letter.

Riverside County Farm Bureau MSHCP Letter.

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...The MSHCP objections were a sum of questions rather than answers:

  • Where’s the money to fund the estimated $1.5 Billion acquisition plan to buy 153,000 acres of private land?
  • How do we assure that property owners are truly willing sellers? How do we guarantee they will be paid fair market value for their land and that they will be paid on a timely basis?
  • What will happen to the land after the county purchases it? How will it be managed? How much will management cost annually? What will the property tax impacts be to other homeowners and property owners? What is the overall economic impact of such a program on the county?
  • How will this plan be implemented? Who will run the project?
  • What scientific proof is there that these lands are needed? What land do they want?

Instead of the envisioned voluntary incentive based plan that was to be ‘better than the status quo’, this MSHCP proposes a regulatory quagmire that can impose a land use cloud over hundreds of thousands of acres of privately held land. Today it is no better than the dreaded Stephen’s Kangaroo Rat plan and, in fact, is worse because it is four and possibly five or six times larger than the SKR program.

“It has become a case of the wildlife agencies and environmentalists saying ‘stop us if you can’,” says Sharon Bolton, Executive Director of the Farm Bureau.

The jury is still out on the General Plan prong of the RCIP but currently requests made by the Steering Committee members, who have been the key volunteer architects in creating this... “Blueprint for Tomorrow”, the Stakeholders are clearly being ignored. Policies have been written by county senior staff members and forwarded directly to the Board of Supervisors for approvals in spite of vociferous stakeholder objection. And finally the transportation corridors element (CETAP) still does not answer long held questions about relieving freeway congestion in and out of Riverside County.

As the RCIP shifts gears into the “Blueprint” and prepares to start final study, Advisory Committee members find more and bigger questions loom rather than finding the planning answers originally promised.

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